The Kingdom Team

Neil Sheppard

Neil Sheppard

Heavily influenced by the science fiction, fantasy films, comics, toys and cartoons of the 1980’s, Neil Sheppard created the ‘Kingdom’ universe, fleshing out a futuristic vision of a world, it’s history, characters and story arc. Neil’s career spans multiple roles from a senior Microsoft Program Manager through to Producer and Creative Technologist at a VFX studio. Most recently Neil has been developing virtual reality film & game content for digital agencies.

Neil is looking to build exciting partnerships with production companies, studios, directors, artists, script writers and games designers to bring our story to life. If you are interested please contact us at


Paul Combellack

Paul Combellack is an award-winning filmschool graduate with a passion for longform narrative storytelling and its mechanics.

Inspired by the colourful high-adventures and imaginations of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Jim Henson whilst growing up, he has since worn many hats on various film, video and theatrical productions, where he also developed an interest in design. In more recent years this has led to the pursuit of a career in architecture. He currently lives in the south-west of England where he remains an ardent fan and creator of world-building genre fiction.

Aldo Requena

Aldo Requena

Aldo Requena focuses in macabre, sci-fi and surreal artwork. His breakthrough came in 2005, producing art for the heavy metal band ‘Paragon’, In 2008, he created Hammerblaze, his design studio for developing projects in the advertising, music and publishing industries. He as produced art for bands and labels (Lost Horizon, Skiltron, Black Majesty, HolyHell, In-Defilade, Sonic Prophecy, Remedy Records, Vic Records and many more); illustrations for video games (‘Game of War’ and ‘Vain of Glory’); and developed concept art for the book depicting the life of Scottish folk hero William Wallace by author/fight director Seoras Wallace (‘Braveheart’,’Gladiator’).


Joseph Hobbs

Joseph Hobbs is a digital 3D artist who graduated valedictorian from Full Sail University’s ‘Game Art Online’ degree.

A huge fan all of things in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, he has been inspired by the multitude of video games he has been playing since he was a child. He is currently a freelance 3D artist specializing in environments, working in Unity, Unreal, Maya and Photoshop. Most recently he has been working on producing work in virtual reality for the Oculus Rift.