Kingdom: The Battle For Trafalgar

Kingdom Preview Cover


Set in 2216, the world is sinking beneath the waves, spiralling out of control with environmental disasters. A young orphaned teenage boy works hard in a refinery scratching out a meager living, disinterested with the political games that he thinks do not apply to him. Unknown to him he is the missing heir to a Kingdom that has been divided and can only be brought together by his hand. When the totalitarian government discovers his existence, his life is put at risk and he is forced to uncover the truth.

Behind the government lurks a mysterious entrepreneur, the creator of Artificial Intelligence, who is determined to stop our hero from uniting the people and discovering a dark secret at the heart of his plans for the world.

This story of honour, betrayal and sacrifice combines with fast paced armoured mech battles, political intrigue and amazing technological advances, set in a Anglo-Japanese society poised on the brink of kick-starting the next world war.

Neil Sheppard

Hi, I’m Neil Sheppard, creator of “Kingdom”, an expansive universe which we hope you’ll find original, exciting and worthy of your support.“Kingdom: The Battle for Trafalgar” is part 2 in a 3 part story we’d like to develop across Comics, TV, Film & Videogames.

We are looking to build exciting partnerships with production companies, studios, directors, artists, script writers and games designers to bring our story to life. If you are interested please contact us at

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